Heat Recovery System

As a result of many applications in the enterprises, waste heat occurs and before this waste heat is released into the atmosphere, the operators can also save significant amounts of energy and money by using it for useful purposes. For example, a heat recovery system can be realized by using the temperature of the flue gas to be discharged from the boilers by making it useful with the system called economizer.

Economizer, by definition, means a heat exchanger that recovers this low temperature heat by reducing the flue gas temperature of any heat boiler and provides extra fuel savings. Although it can be used in many other types of boilers such as hot water boiler and hot oil boiler, the main area is steam boilers. Today, it is one of the indispensable units of large capacity steam boilers.

Energy recovery with economizers is in a very critical position today, both in terms of continuing competitive power by reducing costs, and sustaining environmental awareness by reducing emission emissions. Economizers have an important place in terms of energy recovery especially in boiler applications, where the fossil energy is consumed the most. The important thing here is to determine the right method by examining the waste energy in terms of investment cost and recovery optimization.

Usage Areas

  • Boiler Feed Water or Combustion Air Heating
  • Process or Heating Water Production
  • Additional Energy Recovery in Cogeneration Chimneys

Although the air changes according to the excess coefficient and type of fuel, the approximate 21 degree decrease in the smoke gas temperature means an average increase of 1% in the total boiler efficiency.


Features & Advantages

  • High Heat Transfer Coefficient with Unique “Tear-Drop” Pipe Profile
  • Maximum System Efficiency
  • Minimum Pressure Drop
  • AISI 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Efficiency at Variable Loads with Proportional Control
  • Custom Design
  • Integrated Control and Energy Monitoring System
  • Heat Recovery (Energy) Performance Guarantee
  • Easy Installation with Compact Design
  • Short Payback Period