What is Virussafe?





The Virussafe Biological Air Cleaning System destroys viruses and bacteria in closed areas thanks to the positive (H+) and negative   (O-) ions it sends to the environment .




This superior hydrolyzed system only found in the VIRUSSAFE unit; Apart from technologies such as HEPA, Electronic UV, Ionic Wind and Chemical Absorption, Ozone Therapy, it destroys microorganisms by balancing negative-positive ions and also does not cause the side effects of other technologies. (UVC, OZONE etc.)

The quality of the air depends on the negative and positive ions in it. Pollutants in the air such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, spores, dust, bad smell, cigarette smoke that will cause illness and allergies can be destroyed with the balancing of  ions H+ and O-.


VIRUSSAFE brings people together with the healthiest and most natural air necessary for their body.

  The strong effect of the Virussafe system on all Influenza virus types including Avian flu and Swine flu, Human Corona virus, E. Coli and Staphyloccocus bacteria, up to 99%, has been confirmed as a result of laboratory studies.




 It prevents epidemic diseases that can be transmitted from the air and surfaces.

• In tests performed on asthma and allergy patients, 65% of the patients showed regression in asthma and 95% reduction in complaints.

• It destroys 99% of viruses (virus types seen in all influenza-related epidemics), bacteria, dust, bad odor, pollen, spores, molds, fungi and harmful microorganisms in indoor areas.

• Eliminates static electricity in the environment and prevents electrification.
• It ensures the formation of rich oxygen in the air.
• Eliminates bad toilet and organic waste odors without using harmful chemical products.
• Increases body resistance.
• Increases mental concentration.
• It increases the oxygen level in the blood.
• It balances the humidity in the environment, creates natural weather conditions and does not produce ozone.
• Eliminates airlessness problems

Virussafe Usage Areas


Usage of Virussafe in the Hotel and Accommodation Sector

For the tourism sector you can use the new generation Biological Air Cleaning System in all closed areas  with peace of mind that both domestic guests and foreign guests  in order to enable  to have a healthier and safer holiday  and  demonstrate our country and your establishment are clean and hygienic.



Usage of Virussafe in Bus – Metro – Tram – School Bus – Hotel – Shopping Mall Personnel Services


Hygiene is of great importance in customer/personnel vehicles used within the scope of transportation services offered by commercial facilities to people, in all public transportation (bus, taxi, metro, etc.), national/international air transportation (plane, cargo, etc.) and also in your individual vehicles. In these environments, people have to breathe the same air with many people in the same closed area, and this poses a threat in terms of epidemics. Against these diseases that cause upper respiratory tract infections that can be transmitted through the air, unfortunately, adequate sterilization cannot be provided in public transportation environments, and they are environments where viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi and bad odors can spread very easily and quickly. A safe journey awaits you with the VIRUSSAFE Biological Air Cleaning Unit in these closed environments.

Usage of Virussafe in Educational Institutions and Kindergartens


It is of great importance that children and young people, who are the future of our world, are in a hygienic and healthy school and classroom environment. Thanks to the isolation of fragmented molecules that Virussafe spreads in all closed areas of schools and nurseries, it destroys up to 99% of harmful molecules such as viruses (virus types seen in all influenza-related epidemics), bacteria, bad odors, spore bacteria, mold, dampness and fungi. With Virussafe, our most valuable assets receive training in the cleanest environments.

Usage of Virussafe in Office – Business Center – Bank Branches – Shopping Mall – Stores and Markets

The first priority of all commercial facility managements  should be the safety and health of guests, customers, users and staff within the cleaning procedures to be applied to create the highest and reliable hygiene / cleaning / sanitary conditions, so we are pleased to offer  the VIRUSSAFE Biological Air Cleaning Unit that clean the air in indoor areas.

Usage of Virussafe in Private Hospitals – Health Centers – Elderly Care Centers

Hospital environments are the environments with the highest number of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. The Virussafe system, which does not contain ozone or any harmful chemicals and does not have harmful effects such as UV-c technology, ensures that the environment is healthier between 95% and 99% with the protection area it creates by breaking only the water vapor in the air. Virussafe allows you to receive your health care services in the healthiest environment.

Use of Virussafe in Sports and Fitness Centers


It is very important for people to be able to do sports in more hygienic and healthy environments, especially in gyms, fitness centers, pilates, wellness and yoga centers, where people often spend time for health and often exceed the social distance rule. Thanks to the use of Virussafe, you offer people the opportunity to do sports in indoor gyms under natural weather conditions.