Air Analysis and Room Control Unit

It is an energy efficiency technology product that provides energy saving and increases the quality of life in air conditioning systems in hotel rooms and office floors. Working in harmony with the automation systems in the building, atmos analyzer saves energy in each room and reports the energy consumption of the rooms in detail.

Thanks to the air analysis system to be applied in the rooms, it provides energy savings of up to 40%.

Fan-coil and hvac control in heating, cooling and ventilation systems
Lighting system control
Card entry system integration
Manual and remote control option
Consumptions under control with a calorimeter

System Integration

  • KNX
  • DALI
  • ModBus
  • LON
  • M-BUS
  • RS232 – RS485

Input – Output

– 4 Analog Inputs

– 4 Digital Inputs

– 8 Digital Outputs

– 8 Analog Outputs


You are in Control with ATMOS ANALYZER

Calculates the number of guests with smart algorithms.
It provides energy savings of up to 40%.
The stand-by function does not allow guests outside the room to deceive the system with backup cards.
the sleep-better function automatically adjusts the power of fan-coil according to the sleep needs of guests who are inactive.
It does not change the manual fan-coil settings of the guests who are still with the tv-time function but watch tv.