What is Profoks?
Profox is an energized oxygen gas. Energized oxygen are allotropes of oxygen containing 4 or more oxygen atoms in a single molecule. The place of formation in our world is the stratosphere layer. It is the molecules that give the blue color it has to the air. Its job is to protect our air against internal and external pollutants, to disinfect it and to keep oxygen in the air. They are unstable compounds, after a certain half-life they lose their energy and turn back into neutral oxygen molecules. It does not have oxidation properties. Although it has a disintegrating effect on organic and inorganic compounds, they do not show corrosive and corrosive properties on metal and plastic derivative surfaces. Profoks technology is produced with 100% domestic knowledge and capital. It has a disinfection effect in all environments where profox is applied. In air application, it reduces the microbiological load on the surfaces that the air touches, prevents the formation of mold. Complete disinfection was achieved in all studies with drinking water, environmental waters, septic tanks, waste leachate and bloody water. In the studies carried out in the domestic wastewater treatment plant and in the environmental waters that mix with the septic tank, wastewater has been successfully lowered below the desired table values with only PROFOKS and filtration application without using any chemical and biological treatment processes. In studies using only energized oxygen instead of chemical and ultra filtration as filtration, it has been found that it can replace “biological treatment” without using any additional chemical biological additives.


Profoks Facility Installation Advantages
Installation cost is 20% more advantageous than ordinary treatment systems.
Operating expenses are 50% to 80% more advantageous than other treatment systems.
It occupies 80% less space compared to other treatments in terms of its footprint.
It does not emit bad odors around and does not increase the microbiological load in the air.
The need for personnel is very low compared to other treatment systems.
It is the purification system that contains the least risk in terms of occupational health and safety.


Profoks Application Areas
Profoks study in domestic wastewater treatment plant environmental water
Pollutant removal results after the application of profoks to the waste water taken from the cesspool
Recovery of caustic from the washing wastewater from the petroleum tanks, silos, wells and pipe lines and disposal of that water
Treatment of boron process water with Profoks
Improving the air quality with Profoks application
Removal smells with the application of Profoks

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