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Climotion İklimlendirme
Climotion İklimlendirme


With Climotion Climate Control


Without Climotion Climate Control


Fresh air

In buildings that accommodate people, sufficient levels of fresh air are in high demand, and that air usually needs to be heated or cooled. Modern buildings are so airtight that sufficient amounts of fresh air can only be drawn in using air conditioning units.

Climate control solution

Despite the fact that this technology is in itself a solution to the problem of insufficient fresh air, it often creates a series of new problems. First of all, the air that is blown in often flows past people at excessive speed, causing draughts. In addition, there are often too many variations in temperature and air concentrations within a single room. Finally, the optimum quantity of fresh air is often not determined effectively, resulting in excessive energy consumption or, in fact, too little fresh air. This is where Climotion can offer a revolutionary solution to these side effects of a system that, in itself, forms an essential part of a building.

Climotion control strategy

Climotion is a complete climate control strategy that can be used to control a system as effectively as possible. The system continuously adjusts itself on the basis of the temperature, CO2 concentration, air pressure and (as an optional feature) humidity measured in the rooms. Control based on air pressure is a unique feature in the domain of air conditioning, and it introduces the world to something new: diffuse ventilation.


Diffuse ventilation

Diffuse ventilation works by keeping the average air pressure in a room a touch higher than that outside, and by varying it slightly according to the outside air pressure, therefore creating a non-directed flow of air into a room. This makes it possible to allow the air that is blown in to mix quickly and efficiently with the air already present despite a difference in temperature, and without requiring high air speeds.


This principle has been discovered by the German inventor Albert Bauer in the late 90s. His building software named BaOpt was acquired by the international Bosch concern en renamed into Climotion. Since the Bosch takeover the system further expanded across the world resulting in a total of more than 1000 Climotion climate control systems globally.

In general, the only thing that is required for a Climotion controlled installation is a complete air conditioning system with a few additions in terms of control engineering, a sufficient number of sensors and a Climotion control system.

CLIMOTION Air Conditioning Systems

It is a high energy efficiency technology that creates high savings potential in Air Conditioning (Heating-Cooling) Systems through Air Handling Units in Lobby, Restaurant, Meeting Halls and Movie Theaters of Hotel Enterprises. Air conditioning technologies provide a suitable air temperature and quality in the building in all seasons. It keeps energy consumption at the lowest level in this process.

Tools used for this:

  • Air Conditoning Unit ( Ventilation )
  • Boiler (Heating)
  • Chiller ( Cooling )
  • Automation (Control unit)

It can be applied to all brands and models of air handling units, chillers and boilers.

What Changes With CLIMOTION?

ENERGY: Savings between 25% and 50% have been determined in energy consumption. With Climotion, Energy Consumption is continuously measured and calculated while fulfilling the air conditioning conditions.

COMFORT: Thanks to the homogeneous air distribution in the room environments, a heat balance is created that has not been seen before.

HEALTH: Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of fresh air,  that is Sick Building Syndrome, is eliminated. While personnel satisfaction increases, the rate of sickness decreases.

MECHANICAL: Air handling units, boilers and chillers become sufficient by integrating the Climotion system in buildings where mechanical systems are not sufficient. Mechanical systems wear less, maintenance and breakdown costs are reduced.

CLIMOTION Applications

University of Groningen

 The CLIMOTION Air Conditioning System installed in the library of the University of Groningen has eliminated the problem of insufficient clean air in the library, creating a consistent temperature and an ideal climate in the environment.

Bodrum Milas Airport

With the CLIMOTION Air Conditioning System applied to increase comfort at Bodrum Milas Airport, TAV Milas-Bodrum Airport/Terminal 1 has provided 24% energy savings.

Adnan Menderes Airport

With the installation of the CLIMOTION Air Conditioning System, homogeneous temperature distribution in the airport was created, 28% energy savings and increased comfort were achieved.

IKEA, Orléans-Ardon,Velp

After the CLIMOTION System was installed, energy consumption was reduced by 30-40% compared to the standard system.

Biljoenbad Indoor Pool

With the installation of the CLIMOTION System in the Biljoenbad indoor pool in Velp, equipped with the latest technology, high energy savings have been achieved and comfort has been increased.

De Heerenduinen Indoor Pool, IJmuiden

Comfort conditions have been improved by installing the CLIMOTION Air Conditioning System in the indoor pool of De Heerenduinen, where visitors and employees have been complaining about the indoor air conditioning for many years due to excessive humidity and inhomogeneous temperature distribution.

University of Hanze Wiebenga, Groningen

The CLIMOTION system integrated into Hanze University in the Wiebenga Complex has provided high energy efficiency and increased comfort.

Noord-Veluws Museum

The air conditioned in the Noord-Veluws Museum, which is fully equipped with the Climotion System, created the same air quality even behind the paintings.

Multifunctional Centre, Noardburgum

The heating, cooling and ventilation of the MFC Center is provided by the CLIMOTION System without the need for radiators or underfloor heating.

De Waterwyck Sports Complex Steenwijk

Equipped with the CLIMOTION System, the sports complex has now become a sustainable system by providing excellent indoor air comfort to visitors and employees.

Allerheiligen Museum, Schaffhausen 

The Allerheiligen Museum, which must have a stable indoor climate condition to properly preserve paintings and works of art, is equipped with the CLIMOTION System.

DOMunder Museum, Utrecht

The CLIMOTION Air Conditioning System has created the same air quality throughout the area without blowing air at high speed inside the museum.