Food Simulator Technology

Electricity consumption (with 86%) from the cooling system elements is the highest in compressors. Fault due to certain physical limitations in compressor and motor max. life, max from the minimum power input. We provide cooling (COP), minimum cost, ensuring working conditions in the wide band range, and obtaining appropriate levels of sound level and vibration.

In our efficiency studies; By reducing the number of compressor startup-output between 50-70%, we ensure an up to 60% increase in service life without failure. By preventing inrush currents, we have increased the COP value by providing a minimum power input. This increases your energy efficiency value by 10% -20%.

Food Simulators is used at Supermarkets, Cold Storage Rooms, Beverage Manufacturers and Hotels.

Comparison of “Standard Work” and “Optimized with Food Simulator” Work

In terms of being comparable, the data obtained for the 3 days in which “Outdoor Temperature” and “Door Open Time” are equal are given below.