MIRACELL® is based on the “biodisk” principle of the biological wastewater treatment system.The principle of Biodisk is that approximately 40% of the discs attached to a shaft are rotated at a very low speed so that they remain in the wastewater, and the pollutants in the waste water are consumed over time by means of microorganisms attached to these discs.


MIRACELL® System, which operates with the Biodisk principle, has many important advantages over systems operating with the principle of activated sludge. Because in the purification systems operating on the principle of active sludge, in order for the bacteria to remain alive, dissolved oxygen must be pumped into the water continuously by means of aerators or blowers. In the MIRACELL® System, bacteria naturally supply the necessary oxygen from the air. Thanks to this fundamental difference in working principle, the MIRACELL® System works much quieter and consumes much less energy. Because the system only needs a gearmotor that will turn the shaft with the discs.

Usage Areas

Industrial Wastewaters

Hospitals, Food industry, Slaughterhouses, Paper Industry, Tea Processing Plants and Fish Production Farms.  

Domestic Wastewaters

Camps, Tourist Facilities, Municipalities, Mass Housing, Sites, Villas, Holiday Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Construction Sites, Factories, Schools, Universities, Military Units and Marinas.