DEOS TECHNOLOGY, as a company established for the purpose of applying Energy Efficiency Solutions with its 12 years of experienced staff in the energy sector and its capabilities in the field of Energy Technologies and Automation; aims to contribute to the implementation of these technologies in our country, the development of our country’s facilities in the field of energy efficiency and the economy. As an energy technologies company that realizes projects that provide high energy efficiency in industrial facilities as well as commercial buildings, it is an entrepreneurial company in the Turkish energy sector with its internationally state-of-the-art technology and leading partners in its field.

DEOS TECHNOLOGY produces projects and offers engineering solutions for the efficient use of energy within the framework of cooperation with Hotels, Hospitals, University Campuses, Shopping Centers and Industrial Facilities.

DEOS TECHNOLOGY, which develops partnerships with international leading companies, is proud and proud of offering energy efficiency technology products to the services of enterprises in order to save energy and use their energy efficiently.

In addition, with its “DEOS DATA Energy Monitoring and Management System” software, it monitors the energy infrastructure of hundreds of companies in different sectors 24/7 remotely, digitally and in real time, allowing businesses to save energy in their energy use and increase their efficiency.

In Industrial Facilities and Commercial buildings, it leads its customers both to produce their own energy and to take part in the energy generation sector with Roof GES and Cogeneration projects.

In addition, during the implementation of energy efficiency projects of enterprises, it provides financial support from domestic and foreign sources (EPS) with Energy Performance Contracts.

DEOS TECHNOLOGY; It has main services such as Control Technologies, Automation, Energy Efficiency, Roof SPP and Cogeneration in Air Conditioning Systems, and in addition, it includes Air Cleaning, Fire Prevention, Cold Room Efficiency, Waste Heat Recovery and Treatment Technologies.

DEOS TECHNOLOGY, with its partners with a technological infrastructure suitable for the latest technologies and digital innovations in the field of energy, carries out productivity-enhancing projects all over Turkey with its highly competent engineering team and widespread service network.



DEOS TECHNOLOGY, with energy technology applications that increase Energy Efficiency in buildings at high rates, providing energy savings by following the renewable energy systems and the entire energy infrastructure, while doing this, protecting the environment within the framework of the carbon neutral principle, contributing to the development of all parties with which it has business relations, and social responsibility regarding the importance of energy efficiency. It has a mission that contributes to the public’s awareness of the country’s economy and energy, which is involved in its projects.

DEOS TECHNOLOGY vision; By providing engineering solutions to its customers with energy efficiency, renewable energy, digital monitoring and automation technologies, it is to realize projects that turn into action and enable businesses located in the working area to reach more sustainable options. As of 2030, it continues to research and develop day by day in order to reach the target in order to ensure that all its customers operate with 24/7 carbon-free energy.